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MPK Safety will become your competent person for all your Health and Safety needs. From this you will be able to take advantage of the wide ranging services that we provide.

From Accident Investigation, Recording and Reporting through to workplace signs and installation, MPK Safety will be your One Stop Shop for Health and Safety matters.


The Competent Person Role

A Competent Person package that ensures our customers gain the contracts they want even in today’s climate.

Did you know?

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 state: Every employer shall appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in undertaking the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him by or under the relevant statutory provisions and by Part II of the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997.

Reference: http://www.opsi.gov.uk/SI/si1999/19993242.htm

What can MPK Safety do?

We never just put our name to documents without meeting and reviewing the requirements of your company. There are serious liability issues regarding this role and we want to be sure we are dealing with a safety conscience firm.We work with our customers to help them win business. The more they win the better for us too. Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive package which works. The package is as follows:
  • We will act as your appointed Competent Person in all your companies activities.
  • An initial discussion about your needs and review of any existing policies. 
  • Tailored documentation including, Health, Safety and Environmental policy documents and continually review and update them.
  • Create bespoke Method Statements and Risk Assessments
  • Take the pressure out of completing jargon filled tendering questionnaires.
  • A training needs analysis for all employees. 
  • Ensure all training requirements are in place and provide a full range of training products.
  • Flexible office visits to carry out reviews.
  • Keep you informed of essential changes in legislation that will affect your company.
  • Advice on the phone or e-mail when you need it and when you want it.

Accident Investigation, Recording and Reporting.

Accidents happen and at MPK Safety we try to ensure that these are few and far between. When they do happen the process for making sure that re-occurrences are removed can be a lengthly and involved process.

In these unfortunate circumstances MPK Safety will:
  • Complete documentation for any injured persons and/or damage to property.
  • Investigate the accident in full.
  • Make recommendations to prevent re-occurrences.
  • Report any reportable accidents to the HSE using the RIDDOR regulations.
  • Create and distrubute any safety alerts or safety briefs within the company and work place.
  • Communicate any recommendations to the employer and employees.

Workplace Safety


  • Noise Pollution

Ensuring that employees are not exposed to high levels of noise within the workplace and implementing protection where required.

  • Welfare Facilities.
Under the HASWA, ensuring your employees have the correct welfare facilities for there day to day duties.

  • Evacuation.
All procedures in place with a detailed plan and appointed wardens.

  • Work Practices.
Including all types of permits to work and manual handling awareness.

  • Hazard Inspections.
Identify potential hazards in the workplace and creating a programme to address them. 

MPK Safety will meet with its clients to identify all the areas of the workplace that need to be investigated and ensure a company wide compliance for now and the future.

Electrical Safety

MPK Safety can remove the pressure from you and provide a high quality PAT testing service that is inclusive of all extras. Many organisations provide budget quotes that offer only a basic service and then charge additional fees for the inevitable extras that may be required to make your equipment compliant.


MPK Safety will design and implement a PAT testing programme within the workplace to include:
  • Providing compliance with regulations regarding electrical safety.
  • Creating a log for evidence of safe working
  • Highlighting remedial works and seeing them through to completion.
  • Reducing long term maintenance costs
  • Reducing the risk of injuries and possible legal claims
  • Improving your insurance costs.

We also offer:

  • Fixed Electrical Mains Testing
  • Emergency Lighting Testing
  • Fire Alarms Testing

This is a small selection of the most popular services that we provide to our current clients, if you have an issue where health and safety has been mentioned then we can help. Please use the contact form to ask us about any specific Health and Safety questions that you may have and we will answer them. or call us to day on:

07540 65 95 22 and have your questions answered today.